About Us

The year was 1994, way before ombré cakes and fourteen-layer chocolate affairs. Just a simple mother-daughter duo baking away all sorts of dreamy sweet treats in their kitchen. The delicious aroma of chocolate chip cookies, butterscotch bars and freshly baked cakes almost never left their kitchen, as they were constantly baking up a storm.

Here we are now, decades later, sharing our love for baking with you in the form of these edible works of art. Each dessert we create is close to our hearts and fuses things we love, such as the beautiful fresh roses we used on our cakes. Everything you see in our feed is a collaborative effort behind our talented team, but most especially, the same mother-daughter duo that spent endless hours creating magic in our home kitchen.

Thank you for supporting our sweet endeavor, we are blessed to be able to do what we love and share it with all of you. May your days be filled with cake, flowers and lots of love!

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